Selection of Outdoor WPC Flooring

 As outdoor flooring, we must be able to withstand the outdoor variable weather, and a strong temperature changes, which outdoor wood flooring, the requirements are very high, in order to become the leader in outdoor flooring, generally need to have the following Several of the most basic conditions: 1, the stability of strong: ordinary wood floor moisture absorption is relatively large, in the outdoors through the rain and snow wash, must be easy to deformation, not a permanent solution; 2, strong decay: outdoor rain sufficient, easy to breed fungi and termites, wood corrosion faster; 3, resistance to strong: a lot of outdoor walking, floor resistance to be strong According to the characteristics of outdoor flooring, outdoor flooring is suitable for the material is WPC.

The advantages of outdoor WPC flooring are:

1, is not easy to deformation, through the pyrolysis of wood to reduce the concentration of hydroxyl in wood components, thereby reducing the moisture absorption of wood and internal stress, to reduce the purpose of outdoor WPC flooring deformation. 2, strong decay resistance, through the ultra-high temperature on the wood pyrolysis treatment, wood components in the ultra-high temperature heat treatment process has taken place in a complex chemical reaction to change some of the ingredients of wood. 3, uniform color, shiny, through the ultra-high temperature on the wood for pyrolysis, outdoor WPC flooring uniform color. 4, health, environmental protection, outdoor WPC flooring does not add any chemical preservatives to ensure that the carbonization of wood health, environmental protection, skin can be directly exposed to carbonized wood. 5, recyclable, because in the production and use process without adding any chemical ingredients, natural wood, can be recycled, thereby saving resources and reduce costs.