The difference between solid and hollow WPC floor

The difference between solid and hollow WPC floor

Plastic flooring manufacturers have solid and hollow WPC floor two kinds of products, many users in the purchase of uncertain attention to choose which time, and now I give you a brief introduction about their differences, to facilitate comparison, choice.

Solid and hollow WPC floor choice

The difference between the two, first of all is the choice of its keel material, if the selection of steel keel generally recommend customers to use solid wpc flooring, but whether it is steel keel or plastic wood keel, the best spacing between 30cm-40cm. The other is the difference between the pavement location, if it is paved in very few people moving around, you can use plastic wood hollow floor, but if the pavement in the flow of people, where crowds gathered, you need to consider the choice of high endurance Solid wood floor or a standard wall thickness of the hollow wpc floor.

Solid and hollow WPC floor suppliers

Through the above brief introduction, Shanghai Seventrust Industry Co., Ltd hope that all users can choose the suitable solid and hollow WPC floor, the production of our experienced, quality assurance, and we will provide you with samples free of charge If you want to know more detailed product information, you can leave your message on the message board, we will contact you as soon as possible.