Affordable garden pvc fence

 PVC fence is a modern garden can be seen everywhere in the decoration, in the platform around, on both sides of the road, staircase side, pillars and pavilion between the pavilion, Shuige, pool shore, bridges, etc. are often set. Affordable garden pvc fence is usually a security protection and other effects, pvc fence in many forms, some very decorative. Affordable garden pvc fence in the form and the actual situation and the environment and group requirements are closely related. The water should be set up pvc fence blank bar, to avoid too much obstruction of sight in order to watch the reflection of light, fish and aquatic plants and other fish. High platform to build pvc fence real column, visitors boarding overlooking, may be to a greater sense of security. In the design and construction of affordable garden pvc fence, we should note the following two points: First, the scale of control. Especially in the small space in the garden the relationship  more closely in the design of pvc fence can not be taken lightly. Second, if the small space in the garden with the appropriate small-scale pvc fence, through the role of contrast can make people feel the space suddenly wide, although the fighting room, no cramped feeling.