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According to reports, in recent years the WPC is a new class of composite materials, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, etc., instead of the usual resin adhesive, with more than 35% -70% of the wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, Then by extrusion, molding, in... Read More
Waterproof WPC pergola Waterproof WPC pergola is a complete weatherproof product, show the best performance in the sun and in the rain. We are engaged in manufacture, supply and export WPC Pergola material. waterproof WPC pergola we provide by customers due... Read More
 In recent years, as the global resources are depleting, social awareness of environmental protection has become increasingly high, wood products and petrochemical applications put forward higher requirements. In this context, high environmental protection courtyard PVC fence appeared, both play to the advantages o... Read More
 With traditional wood siding was abandoned modern decoration. The rise of new Anticorrosive Outdoor Wall Panel so that consumers have more choices. And it appears beyond the traditional wood siding, its features and decorative effect to make people more likely to be accepted. How to Anticorrosive Outdoor Wall Pa... Read More
Outdoor WPC floor It should outdoor WPC floor is quite aware of the advantages of outdoor floor there are many, such as corrosion resistance, non-slip, low maintenance, environmental protection and so on. While we have some understanding of the wood floor, but you know how we should be cleaning it to do? To be able t... Read More
 With the people's living standards, improve the level of civilization, the use of WPC fencing on awareness of environmental protection, WPC fence used more widely at home and abroad, WPC fence increasingly broad market prospects. WPC fence along the entire market for many years of development, today's affordable outdoor... Read More
 WPC flower box is made of wood-plastic composite material, with the same wood and processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, outdoor WPC flower box can be as ordinary wood Like use. At the same time water conserving features of wood and plastic with a texture of wood, m... Read More
 Wood plastic floor is durable, environmentally friendly, barefoot friendly, beautiful appearance advantages. We know that wood plastic composite with natural wood textured which tend to give a return to natural, anyway this is an artificial floor can't be compared , and we are using lignocellulosic materials, is very environme... Read More
What is the outdoor soundproof wall panel? It is perfect to decorate the outer wall of the house new material. Our outdoor soundproof wall panel with a natural look of wood materials. Safety, green, non-slip surfaces. We produce wall panel is very durable. It has a strong weather resistance and high strength. In ad... Read More
 Solid composite wood flooring is a great choice for people who with limited budget and need low maintenance product , the flooring main application in interior , house decoration and outdoor , the floor is eco-friendly and low cost effective option for customer . Solid composite wood flooring is a new material produced by... Read More
 As we all know wood floor will crack and rot over time , but today i will introduce new material is wood plastic composite floor , this product is new material in market , Currently widely used in different countries , such as USA ,UK , China,Dubai ,France,Australia and so on . Low Cost Composite Floor Advantages Wood... Read More
 Eco low carbon composite floor is all families are worth considering, choose both good-looking and comfortable floor can make enjoy a better life, low maintenance and easy clean of the floor can save a lot of time spend the housework . Our company's wood plastic hollow floor is very popular in England, it has a variety of colo... Read More
Park outdoor WPC bench Outdoor WPC bench can configure up to 10 years do not crack, rot, insects, weather resistance, with fine wood texture and recyclable, eliminating the disadvantages of wood. Diversified colors. Outdoor WPC bench bracket: zinc layer of protection to ensure overall product rust, i... Read More
WPC pavilion Pavilion is one of the landscape architecture, landscape architecture is the most basic building units, both in the city park or scenic area, can be seen a variety of leisurely standing kiosks. WPC pavilion with products in the market has matured, a single wood products can not meet the needs of... Read More
With the increasingly rapid development of low-carbon environmental protection, based on consumer demand, siding industry has also started a new green development. Which Non-fading Wpc Outdoor Wall Panel is such a new environmentally friendly composite products, mainly to add a series of environmentally friendly materials i... Read More
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