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In today's family will have a terrace, balcony balcony railing will be used to ensure the safety and decorative balcony. There are common types of iron, aluminum, PVC's. Its performance is very good, using the free integrated welding assembly technology, installation is very convenient, can rust, corrosion, tamper it can be said to each ... Read More
WPC vine material Traditional vine is carried out with wooden structures, but are particularly vulnerable to rain corrosion, maintenance costs are too high, so gradually the emergence of a WPC vine material. WPC is a kind of wood flour and plastic as the main material, adding special chemical additives, manu... Read More
As green building more and more attention, energy saving new wood become an integral part of green building, has been used in the field of wood construction are wood or bamboo template template, and plastic and wood will become the inevitable trend of development of the industry. Hot wood products, seems to have become the new darling of the con... Read More
Use the advantages of durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels. The main advantages are: durable, long life; with excellent physical properties, can be reused and recycled, and so on. Wood-plastic composite materials applications is very broad. Durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels... Read More
The preferred Cheap and high-quality outdoor wall panels Whether or repair such old wall to find a new wall to find the right style you need to spend money. In Shanghai seven trust, we have a wide selection of styles and colors of outdoor wall. You can make your house stand out, and within your budget. Feel free to c... Read More
For now, plastic products used in outdoor landscape in the most more, including wood floors and wood railings, the wood products reason why so wide application in landscape, primarily from the impact of those advantages it ? First of wood and wood products have the same processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to install and use are very... Read More
WPC flower box is made of wood plastic composite flower boxes, and timber have the same processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, you can use the same as ordinary wood. Water-conserving features wood texture and plastic WPC flower box also has timbe... Read More
 You want the deck you create to be your masterpiece. Think of the easy to clean corrosion-resistant PVC stairs railing as the frame that complements every element. Our easy to-install systems free you to complete the picture with railings that look amazing, and perform even better over time. You can choose from ou... Read More
 Synthetic Teak Boat Decking is the perfect interpretation of fashion and durable, a new era has arrived, new products continue to rise, people focus on durable, but also pay attention to aesthetics. Beautiful but not durable things to make people more aware of the quality importance, yacht pavement also pay attention to ae... Read More
High-performance composite wall panel performance reflects: 1, high-performance composite wall panels using a wood-plastic composite materials, is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials, is now offered in most countries and support, on the one hand can save our forest resources, on ... Read More
Ecological water resistance wpc deck completely broke wood materia easy rot and split the characteristics, production life of the product is 3-4 times compare with traditional wood, in the use of performance is greatly exceed wood products, with waterproof, rich colors, simple installation and good sound-absorbing effect, and so on. And... Read More
For your information, here is how we meet with our agents: 1. Our agents are from our clients, which means we have to build mutual trust by a trial order first. 2. Our relationship with the agents is a buyer-seller relation. Agents buy from us and re-sell in their local market. 3. We help agent to sell the products in their market by... Read More
WPC wall panel is a revolutionary new environmentally friendly products, is the world's leading alternative to wood products, and large-scale use of the product. The superiority of WPC wall panel can not be overlooked. WPC wall panel in addition to pollution-free, easy installation, fashion beau... Read More
Now the construction industry in the decoration of the time, are willing to choose some environmentally friendly materials to replace the original material, wood-plastic material has become the first choice for the construction industry is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving composite materials, can completely replace wood produ... Read More
Outdoor garden WPC bench Garden chair with ergonomic design, product lines smooth, nice, excellent physical comfort. Outdoor garden WPC bench products varied styles, a wide range of steel structure, Gangmu structure, such as stainless steel structure. All of which provide users with a variety of options. In addition ... Read More
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