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 New marine grade vinyl flooring can be perfect for improving the overall atmosphere and ambience of your boat. So the pvc soft flooring cost is very important. Shanghai Seven Trust Company can provide marine grade vinyl flooring. The pvc soft flooring has become a popular alternative to pure teak flooring in recent years. ... Read More
 PVC fence is a modern garden can be seen everywhere in the decoration, in the platform around, on both sides of the road, staircase side, pillars and pavilion between the pavilion, Shuige, pool shore, bridges, etc. are often set. Affordable garden pvc fence is usually a security protection and other effects, pvc f... Read More
Anti-corrosion wood-plastic bench processing and advantages 1. With PE PVC PP PS plus wood flour for mixing 2. The powder into the wood-plastic extrusion equipment, heating and heating molding, processing into the size of chair. Anti-corrosion wood-plastic bench to waterproo... Read More
 Nature is surrounded by the building, clear, pure, calm. The courtyard and the house stretch to the natural environment. The undulating and curved contour of the terrain is graceful and quiet. The blending of architecture and nature, color, texture and style continues the natural life and fully reflects the beauty of the environment. A bea... Read More
 There are several materials people are now using for sea deck flooring, For years, wood has been used as the major component of a deck. Although wood has a low cost and is easy to installation. it can be very difficult to maintain over the years. Due to its rotting properties, repetitive staining is required over time whic... Read More
 Residential environmental protection wpc fence light and beautiful, in our residential outdoor applications wider. Select the outdoor fence, in addition to thinking about the shape should not be suitable for climbing, height should not be lower than the rules, in the selection of the time, also need to think about... Read More
 Wood as a new type of environmental decay resistance materials have been applied to many places, such as scenic spots commonly used to the cliff, round stool, railings and other places. Then in daily use, we often can see is the outdoor WPC fence, but how to maintain the outdoor WPC fence is a mor... Read More
 Cheapest ecological wood plastic decking has now become a new type of decorative materials, is the ideal replacement of outdoor wood products, it becomes the ideal material in mind, why ? Wood plastic decking is the use of recycled plastics and waste wood chips or rice bran and other natural fibers as materials pr... Read More
 Pvc soft decking as decorative boat deck flooring become more and more popular. We offer you decorative boat deck flooring as a professional pvc soft decking supplier. Shanghai Seven Trust, a leading pvc soft decking supplier, has noticed a rapid increase in customers requesting environmentally conscious flooring.... Read More
 When all the high-quality wood products more and more time, the forest began to slowly reduce the environmental pollution has begun to gradually alert us. How to meet people both have the appearance of wood can achieve the purpose of protecting the environment. A new green materials --- wpc materials. Wpc material is a small amount of wood... Read More
 Now online popular sentence: back home to build a small villa, enjoy the peace. We arrived at a certain age we will return to their homeland, built their own beautiful courtyard. The courtyard is made of wood plastic grape frame materials scaffolding, flower pond, kind of small vegetables, etc., both environmental... Read More
 WPC material wall panel is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to wood of new materials.Material wood powder is from the decorative plant waste, the other material is recycled plastic. It will save more natural resources, reduce the use of wood and reduce the white pollution to protect the environment. In ... Read More
 When the consumer worry to that the traditional wood decking easy deformation, not easy to maintenance, not waterproof, easy fade, poor stability, installation complexity and laminate decking contain formaldehyde, not waterproof and other disadvantages , comply with environmental protection, health energy-efficient new flooring - synth... Read More
 Wood-plastic railings because of its beautiful style and variety of colors has been widely used in landscape construction, but in the application process, due to plastic-wood railings will be a lot of problems, Wood plastic railings can be used in what occasions? Wood-plastic railings is widely used, can be used in the community, schools, ... Read More
 For we now have a large garden or courtyard, we all have a problem, facing our courtyard, will inevitably be considered unsafe, not only for their personal safety, and when we have children at home, a little Negligence may be an unavoidable problem, so the fence is what our courtyard needs and the durable white composite fence... Read More
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