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 Are you looking for cheap boat flooring material? Synthetic teak boat flooring are manufactured with pvc and other materials, chosen for their superior durability, moisture and insect resistance. Synthetic teak boat flooring have minimal maintenance requirements. Simply brush or wash with water. ... Read More
 Hot summer,the sun relentless baked the earth, the entire yard has become a fire, then a vine-covered anti-uv outdoor pavilion is both beautiful and cool cool is not a very suitable for cool places , And the market to do anti-uv outdoor pavilion material so much, why people will be more popular in... Read More
 In many cases, people choose the wall will be more tangled, the choice of which material? From the price point of view, wpc wall panels seem to be more expensive than solid wood panels, but with the manufacturers to find more efficient processing methods, the relative high cost is gradually reduced. The use of recycled pla... Read More
 Shanghai seven trust Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wood-plastic, and the installation of anti-corrosion plastic wood flooring, its full range, low price, product material stability, texture clear, high glossy, Corrosion resistance, safety and environmental protection, popular by the vast number of consumers, welcome a... Read More
Low-Maintenance Yacht Deck Option Shanghai Seven Trust Company provide low-maintenance yacht deck option,synthetic teak yacht decking, it is a great low-maintenance alternative to teak. The industry had some growing pains in the past decade, but the materials continue to improve and the number of quality products on the market... Read More
 PVC fence is a modern garden can be seen everywhere in the decoration, in the platform around, on both sides of the road, staircase side, pillars and pavilion between the pavilion, Shuige, pool shore, bridges, etc. are often set. Affordable garden pvc fence is usually a security protection and other effects, pvc f... Read More
The difference between solid and hollow WPC floor Plastic flooring manufacturers have solid and hollow WPC floor two kinds of products, many users in the purchase of uncertain attention to choose which time, and now I give you a brief introduction about their differences, to facilitate comparison, choice.... Read More
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