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Light weight durable plastic wood decking products constant development in the home renovation market, and low-carbon, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable advantages. get a lot of consumers recognition. As a recyclable ecological materials, light weight durable plastic wood decking can be used and waste plastic... Read More
 New environmental protection industry in the country's development has been more and more important, wearable and weatherproof composite wood floor as an eco friendly materials, in the field of home improvement and outdoor decoration applications have been rapid development. composite wood environmental protection materials in... Read More
 When it comes to outdoor wall panels, you have to say that the current outdoor wall panels are facing problems. External decorative wall panels have a variety of materials to choose from: usually including tiles, marble and so on. Traditional wall panels have a common problem, easy to fade and Diaoqi, will fall over time, very insecure. Se... Read More
Beautiful outdoor WPC pavilion Home decoration Many people like to build an outdoor WPC pavilion, used to enjoy life, and family together in the outdoor WPC pavilion above the leisurely afternoon or weekend, this way more and more people loved, sought after. Outdoor WPC pavilion material... Read More
 Cheap outdoor patio WPC fence is the best alternative to wood fencing, it has most of the characteristics of wood, while abandoning the shortcomings of wood, almost all the advantages of plastic, but also to abandon the shortcomings of plastic, it is plastic and wood Perfect combination, it is an indispensable mod... Read More
 Wood plastic composite are evolved from the wooden floor, it is actually a new wood floor material. Its have natural wood texture, easy installation and maintenance, corrosion proof, anti-bacterial and suitable for interior, outdoor and etc. now become popular in Europe and America. no deformation lightweight wood decking use of e... Read More
Cheap Outdoor WPC Pergola Outdoor scaffolding is now the most popular outdoor WPC Pergola, because the traditional wooden pergola is not waterproof, easy to be corrosive, in the outdoors for a long time prone to accidents. However, outdoor WPC Pergola will not happen, its corrosion ... Read More
 PVC fence green barrier played a very good role, dust storms make the recycling of resources and the maintenance of the ecological environment more and more attention, which carried out the development of barrier products invented a very outstanding environment. Green plastic, environmental protection, can be recycled to conquer the use of... Read More
 In recent years, the home industry has sprung up, home like meat and potatoes as favored. In the outdoor home decoration industry has a broad space for development, can play its due role in the composite material from gradually see the edge to the rapid development. Any new material product development, will inevitably from the traditional... Read More
 Currently on the market there are many types of flooring, including wood flooring, bamboo flooring, teak flooring, etc. These floors in the home decoration have wide range of applications, but these floors have a lot of shortcomings,such as crack , fade and rot. The emergence of a new type of flooring on the market today -- "s... Read More
 Green and healthy, non-toxic harmless, wood plastic composite floor material itself from the environmental protection of natural wood, barefoot comfortable, because wood thermal conductivity is small, and have good flexibility, people walking on top of the temperature, touch, feet feeling very soft ; Economic and practical wood plastic com... Read More
Ecological Plastic wood flooring is due to the needs of the times produced, because it is in line with today's society of low-c... Read More
Material Properties of WPC Flower Box WPC Flower Box is made of wood-plastic composite box, and has the same processing characteristics of wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilling, nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood. At the same time with wood wood and plastic water-resistant anti-corro... Read More
 We all know that when we buy a product is the first time to think of its practicality, and concerned about the practicality of its own is a security issue, this thing I bought back in the end I will not worry. It is thing about security of oneself and family. Wood plastic barrier, this is extremely important. Must take this off. Because it... Read More
Durable outdoor bench Durable outdoor bench is a product for outdoor passers-by. The outdoor leisure chair is mainly used in public places such as parks, residential areas, large-scale playgrounds and shopping plazas. With the development of the times, durable outdoor bench has entered most residenti... Read More
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