Affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence

 With the people's living standards, improve the level of civilization, the use of WPC fencing on awareness of environmental protection, WPC fence used more widely at home and abroad, WPC fence increasingly broad market prospects. WPC fence along the entire market for many years of development, today's affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence development maturity.

Affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence can prevent termite

To know why affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence can prevent termites, First, let's learn about its main ingredient, then everything becomes evident. WPC is one of several new environmental protection materials collectively, there are three main ingredients: flour about 70 percent, about 20 percent of PE, PVC or PS resin and a small amount of synthetic polymer materials. Rolling production process at high temperatures to produce a resin layer of PE film, this layer of film closer integration with the other plate together so that the surface of solid wood natural texture, but also by thermal transfer, embossing and other production processes, showing different shapes of lines, such as: large grain, small grain, tree angina, ruled not only give a unique aesthetic effect ecological wood products, but also gives the unique decorative wood properties, such as: water, moisture, corrosion, mildew, fire-retardant, anti-termite and the like.  Affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence is a kind of composite material made of mixed composition, which itself is a good quality one kind of material, its production process is all natural inorganic, even after the installation of odor also appeared is harmless to human body, this is completely harmless. As long as you do not exceed its maximum capacity of this is no problem. Because it does not require much routine maintenance, then its own original tolerance would not be a big change, the advantage and safety of affordable outdoor WPC backyard fence is particularly high, you can be assured of safety to buy.