Anti-corrosion and durable WPC park fence

For now, plastic products used in outdoor landscape in the most more, including wood floors and wood railings, the wood products reason why so wide application in landscape, primarily from the impact of those advantages it ? First of wood and wood products have the same processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to install and use are very convenient. Wood products and because both the texture of wood and plastic waterproof fire anti-corrosion properties, making it a very durable indoor and outdoor building materials, look, WPC profile loss in a number of sections according to the current situation is the lowest market research of. Anti-corrosion and durable WPC park fence can customers to know that the cost is not cheap wood floor and wood use are not very environmentally friendly. Current national policy is to support sustainable development, wood flooring is not only relatively small timber, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly than wood, can be recycled. In addition, if the laying of WPC fence garden landscape, it must consider the outdoor environment, wood although capable of paint or water-based paints on the surface, but time goes by it must be re-painted, not time-saving post-maintenance and maintenance. But the wood floors and wood fence because the surface is plastic, so all kinds of performance is better, you do not need regular maintenance, long service life more.

How to Prevent Anti-corrosion and durable WPC park fence aging

Whether Anti-corrosion and durable WPC park fence or wood fence, do not use clean all water-wet mop to wipe directly, because too much moisture will penetrate into the inner layer of wood fence, wood fence causing joint swelling bulge tilt moldy, even rot. So we must use special cleaning products to clean wood fence wood fence, wood fence is best to use a professional cleaning fluid, and as far as possible to keep the mop dry state. After the first vacuum cleaner, so as to avoid scratching gravel wipe wood fence. If the use of ordinary water or detergent to clean the wood fence easily lead to damp wood fence, wood deodorant expansion, wood fence on bagging deformation. Remaining in the wood fence in the detergent composition containing the acid that will corrode wood fiber, wood fence leading to reduced strength, it will reduce Anti-corrosion and durable WPC park fence life.