Anti-Ultraviolet, Wpc Outdoor Wall Panels

WPC wall panel is a revolutionary new environmentally friendly products, is the world's leading alternative to wood products, and large-scale use of the product. The superiority of WPC wall panel can not be overlooked. WPC wall panel in addition to pollution-free, easy installation, fashion beautiful, there is a more prominent point is that environmental protection is the world's current energy-saving environmental protection products.

The use of WPC wall panel five performance

1. Energy-saving effect is outstanding, even in the cold winter can bring you warmth. 2. Sound insulation, sound absorption: the elimination of floor between the noise, can create a quiet living environment. 3. Stain resistance: to improve anti-fouling, stain resistance strong, clean and convenient to maintain a clean living environment. 4. Dimensional stability: to reduce the temperature and humidity on the size of the impact is a long time will not cause deformation, stretching the stability of the floor. 5. Has both the texture of wood, also has a variety of colors to choose from.

WPC wall panel in the next few years the development trend

The face of the new trend of rising, WPC wall panel reached an unprecedented welcome height. Not only in the number of rapid development, is particularly important is that the core technology has leapt to the world leading level, the total exports more than Europe, Europe and the United States can fully engage in equal dialogue, and can calmly and autonomously to achieve their strategic goals, A global biomass composite materials industry an important force in the field.