Cheap outdoor patio PVC fence

As green building more and more attention, energy saving new wood become an integral part of green building, has been used in the field of wood construction are wood or bamboo template template, and plastic and wood will become the inevitable trend of development of the industry. Hot wood products, seems to have become the new darling of the construction industry. Cheap outdoor patio PVC fence is a new type of composite products.

Cheap outdoor patio PVC fence Features

PVC fence is a new composite material, no formaldehyde release of pollutants, there is light, rigid, waterproof, corrosion, fire and other characteristics, the material can be nailed like wood planing, wood has a warm feel, and dissemination wood fragrance. Cheap outdoor patio PVC fence colors, textures and wood very close. And it is also durable, no maintenance-free, etc., and the natural environment with a very harmonious. Wood flower, with its natural and realistic performance, to cultural squares, parks, residential adds strong art, won the user favorite. We need to pay attention to the following points in the design Cheap outdoor patio PVC fence when: PVC fence in the shade under the shade very nice. So we want wood flower design as a work of art, not just as a structure to design. When the design should pay attention to the proportion of size, material and decoration. WPC flower size should not be too big, too difficult to do light, too much shade and was difficult to open, try to be close to nature.