Choose No maintenance Outdoor Wall Panel

 The benefits of using no maintenance outdoor wall panels

Wood-plastic wall panels can be maintenance-free. The wood in a year which generally need to do maintenance or painting paint. In the long run, the cost of wood plastic maintenance is far from the end of wood products. For example, the general wood-plastic wall panels installed in the wall, the choice of wood, the need for about 45MM thickness of wood. The plastic wood, only 25MM thickness of the material, the strength of more than 45MM of wood. In other words, is the use of wood if it is 1 cubic meter, then the wood is only about 0.5 cubic meters. WPC is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications. Saving a lot of material. Hollow not only can reduce the weight, increase strength. Wood-plastic materials can be hollow, and wood can not. Wood-plastic surface is not required to do the paint treatment. General wood is the need to do surface paint or water-based paint treatment. That is in the construction of wood-plastic material is convenient and inexpensive. Wood plastic life, generally can reach 3-4 times the ordinary wood.

Installation of wpc wall panel  should be noted:

Wood-based wall materials and wood processing has the same characteristics, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilling, nail, very convenient, you can use the same as the wood, the key to note two things: (1) in strict accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers of the span requirements, because the wood-plastic material than wood has greater creep, too large span will cause security risks; (2) Taking into account the drainage, cleaning and a slight thermal expansion and contraction and other reasons, wood-plastic materials for wall use, edge to edge, head to head must be left between the appropriate gap.