Do not yellow the courtyard PVC fence

Economic development is often the driving force and source of all aspects of development. People are increasingly demanding all aspects of life, the corresponding quality of life and living conditions are high up, we say at home there is a garden or garden, the most important thing. Of course, this is the home of the fence, the natural barrier is the most popular and most popular. But often the wooden fence and easily damaged, can not be used for many years, it is also more trouble to maintain, Do not yellow the courtyard PVC fence just to meet these points.

Do not yellow the courtyard PVC fence than the similar products in the following aspects of the barrier has a small advantage:

1, ornamental strong. Fence manufacturers can not only provide a large number of model products for users to choose, but also according to the actual requirements of architects and developers to customize, specifications and diverse. And PVC fence to white majority. 2, high strength, toughness strong. Do not yellow the courtyard PVC fence can be completed 100 kg of pressure test, strength and toughness is much better than the general wooden fence. Through the rational installation of columns and horizontal rail so that the barrier can withstand the 7-8 level of the strong winds. 3, the service life is relatively long. PVC fence life of 15 years, generally up to 20 years. Particularly worth mentioning is that compared with the previous iron fence, wooden fence than the do not yellow the courtyard PVC fence to ensure the life of the years, do not need to rust, paint, do not need special maintenance, in it When dirty, with water and detergent can easily make it a new look. Can ensure that the viewing effect is always the same.