Durable outdoor wood plastic wall panels.

Use the advantages of durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels.

The main advantages are: durable, long life; with excellent physical properties, can be reused and recycled, and so on. Wood-plastic composite materials applications is very broad.

Durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels Details:

1. Size: usually custom, the length required by the customer to process. 2. Use: family outdoor, square. 3. Features: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet and noise. 4. Appearance: with the color of wood, a variety of colors to choose from. With the lines of wood.

Durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels in the future applications:

Wood-plastic products is a new type of green environmental protection materials produced through special treatment of the product. The use of high strength, water resistance of the composite material. Can be easily integrated into the outdoor environment, is a modern advocate of a material. Therefore, the durable outdoor wood-plastic wall panels are becoming increasingly popular, it is widely used in residential, office, hotel and other outdoor wall decoration.