Easy Clean Green WPC Decking

 As we all know that easy clean green wpc decking is a new type of environmentally friendly composite products, the use of wood-plastic floor more and more people, and soon became the popular product of the flooring industry. Some people might think that green wpc decking material looks traditional wood flooring. but It is made into wood fiber and other recycle material, There is no need to stain and regular maintenance , wpc decking you can order it in a variety of colors and even use different colors can be option .

Easy Clean Green WPC Decking Installation Precautions

WPC decking use natural wood materials, formed by high temperature and high pressure extrusion , so what's problems need to pay attention: 1. because the density of wood-plastic material is very large, the location of the screw is the need for drilling, it requires the use of drill hole, and then tighten the screws. 2. when the fixed keel, the face must not have any stains, requiring formation. 3. pavement in a large area of wood-plastic floor, the length of each wood-plastic floor of not more than 2 meters. 4. wood-plastic floor edge treatment you need to pay attention to, fixed wood-plastic materials can choose other edge banding. Finally if you want wo buy easy clean green wpc decking you can contatct with us , we will supply best product and offer to you m at the same time , we also look for distributor in different country , if you interest in our product or want to be distributor to our company , please contact with us .