Eco Low Carbon Composite Floor Price

 Eco low carbon composite floor is all families are worth considering, choose both good-looking and comfortable floor can make enjoy a better life, low maintenance and easy clean of the floor can save a lot of time spend the housework . Our company's wood plastic hollow floor is very popular in England, it has a variety of color can be option, meanwhile we can be made in different colors according to customer demand, the wpc hollow decking series in which each family is the most widely used, because its quality is quite good, its hardness and strength than the same thickness of wood floor , and it is very corrosion resistant, often widely used in garden design, and also application in park's floor, residential walkway, balcony floor, etc., and the effect is very good. And eco low carbon composite floor will not be deformed because of sun exposure. This square composite floor panels, By a small rectangular patchwork, another gap left, below a layer of hollow plastic board, about three centimeters height. Even if floor have water will flow under the plastic layer, and finally converge to the ground water hole. "For the composite floor board cleaning, in fact, direct wash with water, with a broom to clean up the dust on it. In addition," there is a feature wood plastic composite, demolition is very convenient, and can be reused. the wood plastic panels after use can be 100% recycle. " Finally, eco low carbon composite floor price is very reasonable, different sizes and types floor prices are different, if you are interested in our floor can contact us directly, or if you want to have to buy for home decoration and outdoor flooring, wood plastic composite flooring can be take more considered , because it not only environmentally friendly, affordable; but also beautiful.