Ecological Plastic Wood Flooring

 With the rapid development of low-carbon environmental protection, based on consumer demand, the flooring industry will also have a new green development, including ecological plastic wood flooring is such a new environmentally friendly WPC products, which is mainly in the Production, the process of high-density fiberboard produced by wood phenol, by adding recycled plastic granulation equipment made of WPC materials, and then extrusion production group made of WPC floor . A new type of environment-friendly WPC products, its moisture-proof, high environmental protection and other characteristics of the product is based on the main points of the market. WPC flooring into the domestic market attract consumer concern, with the growing awareness of environmental protection, ecological plastic wood flooring in the future of the flooring market will become the mainstream products.

Ecological Plastic Wood Flooring Main Characteristics

Healthy environmental protection: itself use recycling material , does not contain formaldehyde, natural wood fiber, close to human beings, close to nature. Durable: ecological plastic wood flooring material is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistant, antibacterial, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet radiation and ageing resistance, suitable for outdoor use. Economy : large-scale production, quality assurance, strong commonality, free paint, low maintenance, long service life. Fashionable and beautiful fashion, personalized design, different finishes can meet different architectural pattern.