Ecological Plastic Wood Flooring 

ecological-plastic-wood-flooring Ecological Plastic wood flooring is due to the needs of the times produced, because it is in line with today's society of low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation theme, in the floor decoration session provides a large new material. Compared with the general floor, not only in the quality of certain advantages, but also in the decorative effect is very good, so people will be called plastic-wood floor of the new environmentally friendly energy-saving composite materials. The use of wood chips, straw, waste plastics and other waste produced a series of ecological plastic wood flooring materials are gradually entering the decoration, construction and other areas. plastic wood into the building materials industry to carry out new directions Waterproof and moisture-proof high environmental protection, plastic wood material contact the plant fiber and plastic polymer materials many advantages, is good product replace wood, can be useful to reduce the forest resources, timber supply shortage , Is a highly promising low-carbon, green, recyclable eco-plastic wood material. what's more ecological plastic wood flooring both wood and plastic performance and characteristics, can replace the wood and plastic new environmental protection and energy-saving composite materials, is wood product substitutes. Can be used for landscape, interior and exterior , flooring, fence, flower pots, pavilions and so on. Ecological Plastic wood flooring will become the future trend of the location, for the consumer, the plastic wood flooring attributed to energy-saving products, not only can control the discharge of harmful substances, but also can do the ground waterproof, moistureproof and other effects.