Ecological Water Resistance WPC Deck

Ecological water resistance wpc deck completely broke wood materia easy rot and split the characteristics, production life of the product is 3-4 times compare with traditional wood, in the use of performance is greatly exceed wood products, with waterproof, rich colors, simple installation and good sound-absorbing effect, and so on. And wpc deck surface is covered with a protective layer of polymer materials. With superior abrasion resistance, sunlight resistance and other features, so not only durable but also beautiful .

Ecological Water Resistance WPC Deck More And More Popular Reasons

WPC deck Features: wpc deck material due to its unique quality and many advantages,widely used in outdoor landscape, garden , indoor and balcony. 1, environmentally friendly materials, without any chemical treatment can be long-term use in outdoor, high density, wear resistance, more suitable for larger flow of people in public places, long service life than ordinary wood floor. 2, simple installation : WPC installation is very simple, it not only reduced floor installation time, but also saves a lot of time and money.

Ecological Water Resistance WPC Deck Maintenance Methods

In view of the advantages of plastic wood, even in outdoor weathering, plastic wood also does not decay, rupture, or crack, in addition also has the ability to resist uv, so wpc products does not need special maintenance.