Friendly green wood-plastic fence

friendly-green-wood-plastic-fence Eco-agriculture, to the concept of nature and ecology, to attract people living under the pressure of urban homes far away, to the agricultural industrial park sightseeing and play. Around the building of large and small to create a variety of agricultural industrial park, overcrowded on holidays. Smart farm operators in order to attract customers, in the leisure area of strenuous thought, focused to create a one-stop entertainment experience as one point. In order to be close to the ecological and natural close, the farm will be in the outdoors to build a variety of sightseeing sightseeing.

Friendly green wood-plastic fence in the life advantage

Friendly green wood-plastic fence in the building materials industry in the new direction of waterproof and moisture-proof high environmental development, combining the advantages of plant fiber and plastic polymer materials can be a large number of alternative wood, can effectively alleviate China's forest resources, timber shortage , Is a highly promising low-carbon, green, recyclable ecological plastic-wood materials. Friendly green wood-plastic fence will become the future trend, wood plastic barrier inside, so this material has good elastic modulus, with good rigidity and toughness and not easy to deformation, anti-cracking. Traditional outdoor fence due to easy discoloration and cracking, maintenance costs are relatively high, seriously affecting the feelings of tourists. The friendly green wood-plastic fence long life, no color, bright colors, a new look, a strong sense of the new materials, by the customers and the affirmation of the farm. Its fragrant garden flowers and classic generous wood-plastic landscape together, has become a rare landscape photography, which not only for the farm operators to bring a lot of passenger flow and considerable economic benefits, but also for the tourists to provide a visual Of the wonderful feelings.