Green Eco-Friendly Outdoor Floor

 The materials of  WPC are waste plastics,waste wood and the straw of crops.The development and wide use of WPC materials will help reducing the air pollution caused by the burning of crop straws.The use of WPC materials dose not cause emission of hazardous substances which may affect human health. The WPC materials itself can be recycled, making it a kind of new green eco-friendly outdoor floor product, also a kind of ecological and clean composite material.

Green Eco-Friendly Outdoor Floor Advantages :

1. Environmentally friendly ,100% Recyclable 2. Stable over a wide temperature range , weather-resistant 3. Dimensional stability , natural wood feel 4. High impact resistant 5. Resistance to rot and crack .

Green Eco-Friendly Outdoor Floor Maintenance

If the damaged WPC decking wear layer will make the floor function of moisture and light intensity are affected, therefore , when walking on the floor , you should try to wear cloth slippers , best barefoot . Furniture legs are affixed to soft bottom protective pads , furniture legs to avoid scratches flooring wear layer , do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer, you can not use sandpaper , sanders, steel brush , powerful cleanser or metal tools to clean WPC decking.