High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence

 Now in our private courtyard, security and privacy are every family we have to worry about. However, the outdoor fence is a barrier to the privacy of the private courtyard. The semi-high outdoor PVC fence gives our private patio adequate security, High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence is the choice of the majority of users.

High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence performance

High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence coating with protection, decoration or special properties (such as insulation, corrosion, etc.), a wide range of applications. For the PVC fence surface coating, commonly used as a pre-coating treatment. After the metal coating by phosphating can make the coating with the matrix metal more firmly. Fence semi-finished products by physical or chemical methods, PVC fence on the surface of the material processing to improve the ability of materials to resist environmental effects, or to give the surface of a surface material characteristics, this treatment is called surface treatment. High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence protective layer of smear is a certain way to cover the surface of the workpiece coating and the formation of the whole process of coating, organic paint mixture is generally composed of film-forming material pigment solvent or additives. Thereby allowing the safety greatly improved. In our Seven Trust company is the development, production, sales of various types of high fireproof private courtyard PVC fence, garden facilities, high fire private courtyard PVC fence of high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in factories and industrial venues, real estate and residential communities, schools, sports venues, municipal roads, airport ports, landscaping and ecological areas, rail transportation, highways and military facilities and other fields. Companies fully use a variety of low-carbon green materials, and strive to provide users with related products, personalized design and technical services. Quality first, sincere service, solid Knight products and strive to create a harmonious environment, and continuously improve the quality of human life.