High Fireproof Wood Plastic Composite Deck

 High fireproof wood plastic composite deck made in Seven Trust , I'm wood plastic composite product manufacture ,production of different types of products and models , have various color can be option , long life , next we will introduce wpc features .

High Fireproof Wood Plastic Composite Deck Feature

Environmental protection: WPC materials for the wood fiber, and can be 100% recycling, in the production process does not produce any waste gas, waste water, formaldehyde emission test results ≤ 0.2, far below the national standard, has reached the international Advanced level . Color stability: As the WPC products in the material formula to join the polymer materials, making its weather resistance and anti-fading performance is better than the average product, its color firmness to 4.0 grade, so that wood can always maintain the original color . Weatherability: WPC profiles using the United States unique formula to optimize the weather resistance, long-term use in the larger temperature environment (-30 ℃ to 70 ℃), the sun exposure, moisture will not make it deterioration, aging, Brittle and so on. After 1000H product static strength test items after aging, the test results for the 19MPa, better than the national standard 16MPa . At last high fireproof wood plastic composite deck can widely application in outdoor and interior , low maintenance ,resistance crack and can be 100 % recyclable , is good product repalce traditional wood .