High performance composite wall panel

High-performance composite wall panel performance reflects:

1, high-performance composite wall panels using a wood-plastic composite materials, is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials, is now offered in most countries and support, on the one hand can save our forest resources, on the other hand to protect our environment . 2, advanced technology, product performance is sufficient to replace conventional materials. Fully meet the needs of different types of customers. 3, a wide range of sources of materials, waste plastic panels with environmentally friendly materials and major materials, both belong to recycling, and reducing pollution; while using inexpensive ordinary chemical materials as the main material of the two sources of materials are abundant, widely.

High-performance composite wall panel product features:

1, lighter weight, lighter than wood material is about 20%. 2, easier to install: Take modular installation, you can install hands, eliminating installation costs. 3, higher strength, better aging, well adapted to outdoor weather. 4, saving more: environmentally friendly products in the true sense. 5, enhanced waterproof performance: strong waterproof performance, enabling it to at least 15 years outdoors without wavering. 6, stronger environmental performance: non-toxic, harmless, no pollution, no radiation, is a green building materials.

High-performance composite wall panel Supplier:

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