High Stability Composite Decking

 Each product in the focus on quality under the premise of the lowest cost, Shanghai seven trust can provide high quality and high stability composite decking , there are different colors and sizes can be choose, products light weight, widely used in different areas, currently our products are exported to different countries, with affordable price, giving consumers more choices.

High Stability Composite Decking Introduce

1. The minimum loss of wood plastic composite profiles: wpc is a profile, can according to customer needs, to produce products in line with the needs of customers of the length of the material. 2. High stability composite decking have high flexibility, hardness and strength, this type decking impact strength higher than the Ordinary wood . and wood-plastic insulation materials flame retardant, fireproof, corrosion resistance,not easy to wear. Suitable for home decoration (balcony, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom ect .) and outdoor (seaside, dock, etc.) High stability composite decking has good dimensional stability and low water absorption, not afraid of moth-eaten, wear-resistant and other characteristics , wide range of materials of composite decking, after use can be recycled again, is the true sense of the green material. The addition of various additives can give them more special properties, such as antibacterial, flame retardant, strong acid and alkali resistance.