How to identify the quality of pvc fence

 Pvc fence has the following characteristics: 1. Profile quality and lining steel quality 2. Design and assembly, the installation of scientific and rational structure The poor quality of pvc guardrail is difficult to ensure that this is to determine whether the pvc guardrail with high strength, long life, bright, maintenance-free key factors.

How to identify the quality of the advantages of pvc fence it?

1, commissioned by testing organizations 2, observe the contrast identification (1) contrast profiles: surface and interface color, wall thickness, texture Quality profiles: color is more positive. Soft, smooth surface, good texture, a strong toughness, bright colors do not fade for a long time. Poor profile: back to the material or filler over the use of surface roughness, color gray, crisp texture, a shorter period of time will fade aging. (2) Comparison of steel liner wall thickness, surface and cross-section of the treatment process High-quality steel: the thickness is, uniform, surface and cross-section rust and galvanized treatment in place Poor steel: the thickness is not correct, the surface roughness, rust and galvanized poor