How to install vinyl railing

 Types of Saws:To begin the process of cutting vinyl railing, you will first need to get your hands on a saw. One of these three types of saws will work nicely: Circular Saw: Power saws are mechanically-powered, making them quick and easy to use but also quite expensive. If they aren’t properly handled, they can be very dangerous. Circular saws are very effective but only if you feel comfortable handling them and know how to do so safely. Some companies create circular saw blades specifically designed to cut vinyl. Hand Saw: A hand saw (also known as a panel saw or fish saw) includes one flat edge, one sharp and short flat edge, and one edge with a series of sharp points. Although a hand saw will require a bit more elbow grease and care (to make sure the line is straight), it is easily obtainable and many people already have one in their toolbox. Be sure that your hand saw is very sharp for best results. Miter Box and Saw: Also called a chop saw, a miter box is handy for cutting railing because it guides your saw, helping you to make very precise and straight cuts. It works like a guillotine, cutting the vinyl with a rotating circular blade. The box will act as a guide, and the saw can be either mechanically-powered or a handsaw. When used correctly, the saw will create a clean and accurate cut. Can you cut vinyl railing with other saws or tools? Definitely, but these are some of the most common choices. You might also want to check the directions that come with your vinyl railing, as they may specify a certain tool or technique for cutting down lengthy sections.