How to select the residential environmental protection wpc fence

 Residential environmental protection wpc fence light and beautiful, in our residential outdoor applications wider. Select the outdoor fence, in addition to thinking about the shape should not be suitable for climbing, height should not be lower than the rules, in the selection of the time, also need to think about the following points.

1, residential environmental protection wpc fence load-bearing

Many users are outside the protective fence structure, and thus protruding out of space, often become a flowerpot and other plastic steel fence placed objects. Therefore, if the object is to be placed, the purchase should consider the affordability of the fence.

2, residential environmental protection wpc fence corrosion

Window guardrail, exterior balcony need to have a balcony guardrail with corrosion protection, as long as good anti-corrosion function to achieve the effect of durable protection, to resist the exposure and wind and snow at any time invasion. Generally, the substrate is the steel layer, the alloy layer is zinc just, the closest layer is the substrate close to the base material is fine. Alloy layer, the more chaotic its structure, its corrosion resistance is stronger.