Inexpensive outdoor pavilion

 About inexpensive outdoor pavilion is the most common in our daily life, from the garden area to the public recreation area, it dotted with our daily life, but also brought the forest from the retro atmosphere.

How can inexpensive outdoor pavilion better application?

1, the price: inexpensive outdoor pavilion general anti-corrosion wood pavilion to be more expensive, because the general anti-corrosion wood processing depth is low, making surface treatment, anti-corrosion effect of a long time will disappear, if the depth of wood preservative treatment Foreign imports), the preservation of wood pavilions than the price of PE eco-wood pavilion much higher. 2, outdoor applications: inexpensive outdoor pavilion application and outdoor quality is rich in color, non-absorbent, no cracks, easy to clean. Anti-corrosion wood pavilion used in outdoor applications for a long time will be water cracking, prolonged exposure is easy to crack, and some treatment is not deep enough, the situation will occur rot. 3, color: inexpensive outdoor pavilion color is rich, and the surface of the wood texture, soft light, more modern. Antiseptic wood pavilion, the general color monotonous, but gives the feeling of pure wood. 4, material aspects: inexpensive outdoor pavilion materials are from wood flour, PE materials, such as polymerization level through processing. Antiseptic wood processing by the wood through the medicine soaked or surface carbonization treatment and other ways to achieve.