Outdoor inexpensive WPC flooring

 Inexpensive WPC flooring is used in wood fiber and other industrial and agricultural residual material after mixing scientific formula , high-temperature , high-pressure extrusion composite sheet . It combines the main features plastic box timber , wood can be replaced on many occasions , but also the flooring replacement. inexpensive WPC flooring color of this product is moderate, way back to the type of layout of fashionable and beautiful , beautiful atmosphere at home balcony .

WPC flooring superiority

Have superior abrasion and water resistance , insect resistance, insect retardant, UV , inexpensive WPC flooring on the balcony using easy to do . Especially do not like packet balcony families choose this wood flooring , solve rainfall, sun exposure , and many other issues .

WPC flooring life

Inexpensive WPC flooring in more than 15 years service life , stable performance , superior corrosion resistant , after a large outdoor project validation, and absolutely no formaldehyde release , is a super environmentally friendly, low-carbon green home improvement products. Relatively high demand for security home owners friends who may wish to consider this product.

WPC flooring suppliers

Shanghai Seven Trust Company provide inexpensive WPC flooring, is a plastic and wood powder mixed in accordance with a certain proportion of re- forming a high floor , this floor is designed for the advantage of the outdoor environment , there is no deformation, no aging, no rot , etc., color brown and dark gray two kinds based. More and more families will use this material to the home balcony and patio, terrace decoration , beautiful and durable. The price is inexpensive than others product.