Installation Method and Precautions of Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence

 Wood-plastic fence before the installation of outdoor wood-plastic fence must first determine the function and style. Usually isolated plants, the height of 0.2-0.4m; restrictions on vehicle access, the height of 0.5-0.9m or so; demarcation of the demarcation of the courtyard is 1.8-2m or so. Solid wood fence of the ever-changing style, but the basic composition of roughly the same: connectors or concrete piles, fence pillars, lateral support, fence panels. In the natural soil to install solid wood fence first to determine the fence column spacing, generally between 0.8-2m. The height and style of the fence determines the size of the column spacing: the height of the column is 0.6-0.8 times the length of each fence section. Fence column depth 30-1000px, pit pit can be cast in situ concrete piles, or prefabricated concrete pile pre-embedded hardware connections, and wooden riveting solid.

Outdoor wood plastic fence precautions

Wooden fence in the outdoor construction should be noted that the fence board has risers, horizontal, inclined plate, etc., the fence brace can be connected with a riveting solid, can also be fixed and fence column mortise. Fence in the installation of the time to pay attention to the fence perpendicular to the ground, the level between the fence. Installed in the natural outdoor wood-plastic fence, the location of the corner to set up two columns to facilitate expansion. Selection of wood-plastic construction as far as possible with the existing size, such as cutting, drilling, etc., must be used CCA preservative brushing to ensure that the life of timber. All connections should use galvanized fittings or stainless steel fittings and hardware to resist corrosion, absolutely can not use different pieces of metal, or will soon rust, so that the real wooden fence by the fundamental damage. Outdoor wood-plastic fence construction after installation, to be dry or air-dried wood on its surface after the use of wood protective paint brushing. The use of outdoor wood special paint should be noted that the first to fully shake, after finishing 24 hours of sunny conditions, so that the coating in the wood surface film.