Installation of wood - plastic pavilion

 There are wood materials, beautiful, but ten times the life of wood materials, more lasting color stability.

Installation of wood - plastic pavilion Steps:

1, loft, playing line. After leveling the ground, determine the position of the four columns, lofting shell line. 2, fixed base parts, the use of four No. 12 expansion bolts will be embedded in the base fixed on the bottom surface, and its plastic wood column into the base has been installed in the base, the mouth and the embedded parts of the connection with the welding electrode . 3, the base and the pillars of the fixed, with a stainless steel dovetail from the level of fixed column; 4, on the line beam and column connection. The upper and lower beams once inserted into the open column has a good, and into a 45 ° angle docking state. After the upper and lower beams fixed firmly with the level of leveling, adjust the level. 5, inclined beam and column fixed. The diagonal position of the slanting beam is first inserted into the ordered top structure and the diagonal line of the other pair of diagonal beams is inserted into the top structure, Plastic wood top structure connected. 6, the installation of the beam: the angle of the corners of the corners into the oblique beam, and then customize the size of the wooden beams into the right angle on both sides of the location, and finally with the end of its package beam beam package Corner fittings. 7, eaves and inclined beam connection. Find the horizontal line, the connection is fixed with screws. 8, auxiliary beam and inclined beam fixed. In accordance with the label, in the specified location drilling, then the auxiliary beam installed, with screws. 9, the installation of tiles, in accordance with the order from the roof to the roof pavement, left and right adjacent tiles docking, the gap to be aligned, the gap must be installed in the foam, to prevent leakage 10, the installation of roof, take the same length of four plastic wood roof, measure the size, cut off the excess, and use the screws to be fixed in the tile.