Looking For Teak Vinyl Flooring ?

 When looking for an alternative to traditional teak flooring for your boat flooring material, there can be an overwhelming choice of products. teak vinyl flooring is one option that lasts much longer than traditional teak and still gives the beautiful look of hardwoods. teak vinyl flooring stands for teak and is a long lasting, lower maintenance solution to an outdoor living space.

Replace A Wood Floor In A Boat Use Teak Vinyl Flooring

The teak vinyl flooring - pvc soft boat decking is durable, anti-slip, waterproof, recyclable, resistant to rot and insect damage, has very minimal warping with moisture. We have developed an innovative, pvc soft boat decking for interior and exterior use that eliminates the serious problems that plague pure wood as housing material. Say goodbye to rotting and warping caused by exposure to water, sun and humidity, and eliminate termite and wood borers that destroy wood materials. teak vinyl flooring significantly reduces your maintenance and cost of repairs.

Teak Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer

SHANGHAI SEVEN TRUST INDUSTRY CO.,LTD produce pvc soft boat decking online. Special for the quality, Quality is the brand and credit standing of an enterprise.We continuously enlarge ourselves, and pay more attention to cultivate technicians.Meanwhile,we absorb many professional personnel of the management and technology.To exert ourself to become an excellent production base with the teak vinyl flooring,we advocate innovation and breakthrough,keep improving on design.And insure to consummate quality manage system.