Natural Wood Texture Wpc Wall panel

 Traditional household outdoor wall panels are decorated with wood materials used in wall panels, with the increase of time, the wood received outside the wind and rain plus sunburn, wood began to rot. Gradually fade, and must be replaced. On the one hand, not only need our frequent maintenance, on the other hand, we also waste our time and money. With the progress of science and technology, wpc materials, wall panel products, a great solution to this problem. Wood and plastic materials are composed of wood flour and plastic produced by a special process. It is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, when the wpc materials into the wall products, for us is very pleased. Because the wall panel is installed in the outdoors, will be subject to adverse external weather, and wpc materials can easily deal with outdoor weather, to solve the traditional wood materials can not solve the problem. To a great extent help us solve the problem. Wpc wall panels not only good performance, but also beautiful appearance. a variety of colors to meet different customer needs, but also has a wood texture, wood looks and there is no difference! WPC wall panel is still very environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable.

You may ask: wpc wall panels in the outdoors will fade it?

Wpc wall panels in the outdoors will not fade. It has a good anti-corrosion and sun performance, installed in the outdoor without worrying about its color problems. You only need to examine the occasional maintenance. More are to give us a beautiful mood.