No Deformation Lightweight Wood Decking

 Wood plastic composite are evolved from the wooden floor, it is actually a new wood floor material. Its have natural wood texture, easy installation and maintenance, corrosion proof, anti-bacterial and suitable for interior, outdoor and etc. now become popular in Europe and America. no deformation lightweight wood decking use of environmentally friendly materials, to some extent overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring swelling and deformation, the decking with low water absorption, has good dimensional stability, and preserves the natural wood grain of solid wood flooring comfortable foot sense. wood plastic composite decking strengthen both the stability and the aesthetics of the wood flooring, but also has environmental protection advantages.

No Deformation Lightweight Wood Decking Advantages:

1. Installation easier, greatly reducing installation costs and installation time, easy to clean and care . 2. Improve the comprehensive utilization of wood, especially in saving a lot of high-quality timber, effectively protect the ecological environment. 3. The higher wear resistance, abrasion resistance is 10-30 times that of solid wood floor, and has a higher flame retardant properties, corrosion resistance, good compressive strength and impact resistance; 4. Size are different, have good dimensional stability, will not split , deformation and fade over time . 5. Comparison with solid wood flooring more environmentally friendly, sound insulation, moisture-proof effect will be better, at the same time the floor is barefoot friendly ; 6. The unique sound absorption and thermal insulation properties are also very suitable for the bedroom, conference room, library, studio and other places. 7. No deformation lightweight wood decking soft, quiet, comfortable, wearable, non-slip, the elderly and children accidental fall, can provide a great buffer .