Non–Slip Synthetic Teak Decking

 Synthetic teak decking as boat decking become more and more popular. Seven Trust Company limited synthetic teak decking is an environmental friendly and non-slip flooring materials, its non–slip quality is superb, nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak.

Synthetic Teak Decking ?

Synthetic teak decking is flexible for design and appearance specifications as teak, on the other hand, since it’s not wood, it doesn’t splinter, wrap and decay, and it impervious to rot . It represents the newest trends in the boat building materials market. Easy-to-lay inexpensive boat decking is easy to maintain; simply wash down regularly with a mild soapy solution to keep the whole surface fresh and clean. Have parties, dinner and weekends outside by making your boat space a pleasure to be in.

Professional Synthetic Teak Decking Supplier

Our company provides a variety of synthetic teak decking , as well as specific designed products according to your requirements. Our friendly, dedicated and high-qualified staff has the knowledge required to help you find the right product for your needs and to make sure that your order is processed correctly. synthetic teak decking combine all the advantage as other materials flooring, so it become more and more popular nowadays in flooring market. Choose Seven Trust ,synthetic teak decking gives your boat flooring the unmistakable look of real teak with unmatched durability.