How to maintain outdoor WPC fence

 Wood as a new type of environmental decay resistance materials have been applied to many places, such as scenic spots commonly used to the cliff, round stool, railings and other places. Then in daily use, we often can see is the outdoor WPC fence, but how to maintain the outdoor WPC fence is a more important place in our lives. In fact, the maintenance rate of wood plastic is also very low, just a simple maintenance can make the fence more long-term use.

Outdoor WPC fence maintenance:

1, remove the outdoor WPC fence surface stains, you can use the Kazakh gas wet, wipe with a soft cloth. Clean the dust on the floor, do not use soft cotton cloth to erase, in order to maintain the floor surface gloss and service life, should be regularly cleaned and dust. 2, should be avoided sharp objects and the floor between the bumps, scratches. 3, stucco wall, to avoid stucco paint to make the floor finishes material stripping, fading, affecting the overall appearance. 4, the spring and winter should maintain good indoor ventilation, the floor in the normal temperature and humidity environment, to prevent the floor due to humidity, temperature is too large and deformation.

Outdoor WPC fence Manufacturer

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