Outdoor WPC floor cleaning maintenance

Outdoor WPC floor

It should outdoor WPC floor is quite aware of the advantages of outdoor floor there are many, such as corrosion resistance, non-slip, low maintenance, environmental protection and so on. While we have some understanding of the wood floor, but you know how we should be cleaning it to do? To be able to better use the outdoor WPC floor, his cleaning is essential. But the key is what we should do about it?

Outdoor WPC floor maintenance methods

When we put the outdoor WPC floor installed later, we can use soap and hot water as well as a relatively hard brush the residue on the floor for processing. You can also use bleach to clean the dirt on the floor, and if found to have oil on the floor, then we have to use degreasing cleaning agent to deal with. If there is rust and dirt on the WPC floor, we can use a phosphoric acid group such detergents to clean up, he can be stains fade, then we have to deal with him. We also know that if we use a rust cleaner, then there will be a white precipitate on the floor. Although the method described is relatively small, but is actually relatively common.

Outdoor WPC floor supplier

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