Outdoor WPC flooring paving materials

 Outdoor wood flooring has been widely popular in the world, is the most commonly used outdoor WPC Flooring paving materials, its superior weathering performance and environmental protection value has replaced outdoor solid wood flooring, outdoor flooring become the first choice.

Material advantages

Plastic and wood powder integration of the outdoor WPC flooring paving materials surface lines realistic, rich color selection, cutting is simple, can fully meet the needs of designers and users of the personalized needs and decorative style. Product no color, waterproof moisture, no cracks, deformation and long-term bright as the new outdoor, do not fade.

Cleaning and maintenance

Outdoor WPC flooring paving materials in the construction and installation is also very fast and easy, without cement mortar, only with the keel fixed. Save time and effort, after installation, without post-maintenance, no surface maintenance, not afraid of flooding oil, easy to clean, acid and other chemical substances, the general wet mop can be cleaned.


Outdoor WPC flooring paving materials close to the wood of the wood texture and grinding surface treatment, an increase in the case of friction in the case of water, non-slip effect is better, more difficult to slip to prevent the possibility of falling or injury. Therefore, wood-plastic flooring has become a public place, such as hospitals, squares, stations, scenic spots such as the preferred material pavement.