Park outdoor WPC bench

Park outdoor WPC bench

Outdoor WPC bench can configure up to 10 years do not crack, rot, insects, weather resistance, with fine wood texture and recyclable, eliminating the disadvantages of wood. Diversified colors. Outdoor WPC bench bracket: zinc layer of protection to ensure overall product rust, imported high-quality outdoor powder surface, double electrostatic spraying, fasteners are made of stainless steel, outdoor WPC bench fully able to adapt to harsh outdoor environments, easy to wear , corrosion cloud, not fade.

Outdoor WPC product characteristics

In order to protect the ecological balance, saving wood resources of nature, with the needs of the market, wood products and slowly began to pop up, wood and wood products are mainly plastic wood, and can replace the wood better than wood, can waterproof, moisture, insects, outdoor WPC bench with high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, no cracks, no swelling, deformation resistance, lower than the EO-class standards, to meet European environmental standards classification, can be recycled.

Outdoor WPC bench wholesale

Shanghai Seventrust Industry Co., Ltd specializing in the production: wpc decking, wpc fence, PVC fence, wall panel, boat decking, outdoor WPC bench and other products. Products are exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France and the United States and Europe. Products by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise. We also offer free samples, need our products can give us a message, we will respond in the first time.