Project Case

  • Commercial real estate

    Project Introduction: Xiangshui Bay Villa Project is based in the Zhaogang International living zone, neighboring to Sheshan National Scenic Area and facing to Hongqiao Business Center. ......

  • Municipal Gardens

    Project Introduction: Forest Corridor Project in Tongjiang County, Sichuan Province, works on the environment change of the sides of 7 main roads by the help of wood-plastic composite materials for a all-year-round green passageway. .

  • Leisure square

    Application scope: Pedestrian road,fence Project Introduction: The citizen leisure square is located at the gate of Huaihua Municipal Government. It takes up 33.7 acres for the purpose of citizen daily life..

  • Waterscape platform

    Project Introduction: Wangshan Lake Forest Park is located in Qing'an County, which belongs to sub-branch of Xiao Xing'an Mountains. It is mountainous with gorgeous scenery, taking up to 1477 sqkm of abundant tourism resorts...

  • Home decoration

    The home decoration series: This series contains the exterior wall, interior wall, balcony and garden decoration. With the characters of water-resistance, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion of WPC materials

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