Sales Situation And Construction Problems Of WPC Materials

Wpc materials demand

"By the end of 2016, the global demand for wpc materials is expected to more than 300 million tons, the total value of up to 6 billion US dollars, China as the world's largest producer and exporter of wood-plastic materials, will play a very important role. "Some time ago held in China's building materials industry 4G era of innovation and development forums and new product launches, some scholars said that in recent years, China's wood-plastic industry has developed rapidly, processing technology and product performance have leap-style progress, with the Some advanced technology, wood-plastic materials at home and abroad will usher in a broader space for development. Now on the market a lot of customers are attracted to, on the one hand is to know more about such a new material, on the other hand is the support of wpc materials, with the emphasis on environmental resources, low carbon cycle The increasingly popular economy, wpc flooring because of its low-carbon path is taking the green, and began to be much market attention, wpc floor can be re-used, called the true sense of the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, recyclable renewable Ecological wpc materials. For consumers, the wood-plastic flooring is energy-saving environmentally friendly products, not only excellent control of emissions of harmful substances, but also be able to waterproof moisture and other effects.

Problems with installation

Shanghai seven trust industrial manufacturers in the return visit to the old customers found that most customers said the construction process will be some problems, such as: installation of woodworking, hand rough, not beautiful, look at the dull; manual edge banding and buckle effect is not Ideal; installed fence will appear shaking. Overall, the installation is still very simple. Wpc flooring installation is not particularly complicated, the local find a few carpenters can be installed, there are rough hand, not beautiful and other issues, or the installation of workers is not enough detail, it is recommended that you find woodworking, it is best to find relevant Experience of carpentry, of course, the best, the customer himself knows how to install, so naturally, many problems can be avoided.