Solid Composite Wood Flooring

 Solid composite wood flooring is a great choice for people who with limited budget and need low maintenance product , the flooring main application in interior , house decoration and outdoor , the floor is eco-friendly and low cost effective option for customer . Solid composite wood flooring is a new material produced by hot press in high temperature and high pressure conditions, the floor with high stability , surface smooth , wear resistance and anti-deformation properties are pretty good , will not deformation and crack .What’s more, wpc flooring also has the beautiful appearance , barefoot friendly , great heat preservation,at the same time, it also overcome the expansion and contraction effected by the temperature change, and overcome the fade problems.

Features Of Solid Composite Wood Flooring

1. Both naturally durable and treated wood decking will last for very long time periods, with minimum maintenance, when a deck is covered. 2. our product will not split, crack, twist, and warp, and weather resistance , the color will not fade over time . 3. Pressure treated wood exhibits long-term durability in a deck surface application, lasting as long, or longer, than naturally durable, such as untreated woods decks require periodic staining, but wpc deck will not painting .