Sunshade WPC pergola

 Wood plastic flower frame can be used for shade rest. Sunshade WPC pergola with a hard material to form a certain grid frame for climbing plants climbing garden facilities, also known as scaffolding, green corridor. Wooden flower frame can be used for shade rest, and can be decorated garden. Sunshade WPC pergola design to understand the origin of the plants and growth habits, can create suitable for the growth of plants and the requirements of the shape. Now the sunshade WPC pergola, there are two aspects. On the one hand for people to rest and enjoy the scenery; on the one hand to create conditions for the growth of climbing plants. So it can be said that sunshade WPC pergola is the closest to the natural garden materials. Sunshade WPC pergola look beautiful, can be real ones, from the wooden surface of the phenomenon of plastic flowers, sunshade WPC pergola modeling lines are very beautiful and smooth, and some fine wood-plastic flower frame, and some fashion style, simple elegance, stable atmosphere, some sunshade WPC pergola Revealing a strong artistic atmosphere of ancient Rome, and some wooden flower racks exudes the classic charm of the South American Maya, external decoration and the inherent charm of the United States as a whole.