Variety of outdoor fences

 Because of the serious damage to the forest, the environment has been polluted, the country is now more emphasis on energy saving and environmental issues, so wood-plastic products followed came into being, wood-plastic flooring, wood-plastic fence, wood plastic flower, etc. Home improvement, parks and landscapes, our variety of outdoor fences is a good choice.

A wide variety of outdoor fences advantages over similar fences

1, ornamental strong. Fence manufacturers can not only provide a large number of model products for users to choose, but also by the architects and developers of the actual requirements of custom specifications. And a variety of outdoor fences to white, blue, green and wood color mostly, rich colors. 2, high strength, toughness strong. PVC rails can be completed 100 kg of pressure test, strength and toughness is far superior to the general wooden guardrail. Through the rational installation of columns and horizontal rail so that the barrier can withstand the 7-8 level of the strong winds. 3, the service life is relatively long. Outdoor fences life of 15 years, generally up to 20 years. Particularly worth mentioning is that compared with the previous iron fence, wooden fence, compared to a variety of outdoor fences to ensure the life of the years, do not need to rust, paint, do not need special maintenance, dirty in it , With water and detergent can easily make it a new look. Can ensure that the viewing effect is always the same.