Water Resistant Surface Wood Plastic Composite Deck

 In the market a new material, after use can be 100% recycle, compared with traditional wood, water resistant surface wood plastic composite deck is environmentally friendly .

Wood Plastic Composite Deck Advantages 1

Water resistant surface wood plastic composite deck molding itself is made of recycled polyethylene (PE) and then added to wood for the production of waste wood fibers, evenly mixed and made by squeezing; and finished products after years of customer use, if the customer intentionally removed or replaced, Recycling to the original manufacturer for the recycling of granulation material, called the most environmentally friendly materials of building .

Wood Plastic Composite Deck Advantages 2

The main components of  WPC is plastic and natural fibers. Compared with traditional wood, the biggest advantage of wood is a big contribution to the environment, save wood is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, do not need to avoid pollution of the environment pollution, recycled to avoid secondary pollution. meanwhile water resistant surface wood plastic composite deck has a variety of models and colors to choose , so to meet the different requirement of consumer in home decoration and outdoor, from the installation point of view, wood plastic composite is very easy to install,can save a lot of time and cost, the process of the people most worried about problems crack and rot of the floor , when you choose the wood plastic composite product ,you needn't consider those problems, and decking is low maintenance , so you do not need to spend a lot of time to maintain it .