Wearable And Weatherproof Composite Wood Floor

 New environmental protection industry in the country's development has been more and more important, wearable and weatherproof composite wood floor as an eco friendly materials, in the field of home improvement and outdoor decoration applications have been rapid development. composite wood environmental protection materials in the future will replace the current home improvement commonly used wood materials, to be one of the focus of development. Wood plastic with good stability, to a large extent, to overcome the natural wood all kinds of defects, low water absorption , product have excellent balance and stability, and will not be deformed, reserved the texture of solid wood flooring, and very durable .

Wearable and Weatherproof Composite Wood Floor Advantages as follows:

(1), it can be moisture-proof, waterproof. solve wood products phenomenon of damp after decay; (2),have lots of color, can be described as colorful, both natural wood grain and wood texture, and can according to your own preferences to choose your favorite color; (3), Can be pest control, an effective eradication of the pest , extend the life of the wooden floor; (4), its high environmental protection, pollution-free, low carbon ; (5), the installation is simple, saving installation time and costs.

How To Clean Wearable And Weatherproof Composite Wood Floor

Special stains clean: oil, paint, ink can use a special remove oil stains to wipe ; blood stains, juice, wine, beer and other residual stains wipe with a damp cloth and an appropriate amount of floor cleaner; With ice on top for a while, so that the contraction of the frozen, and then gently blowing, and then use a damp cloth or dipped in a moderate amount of floor cleaning wipe. Do not use strong acid-base liquid to clean the composite wood floor.