WPC floor cleaning method

 WPC floor cleaning will become difficult to clean long-term deposition, then how should WPC floor cleaning it? First, we need to clear the type of stains, and secondly to decide how to clean the wood-plastic floor. In all the cleaning before we can find part of the test, you can, then you can fully clean.

WPC floor cleaning Different stains require different decontamination methods:

1, mildew: Under normal circumstances, direct cleaning, or use bleach cleaning on it. 2, dust and dirt: Under normal circumstances, clean water can be, special places can be cleaned with soapy water. 3, chalk stains: If you can not directly remove, in addition to the rest of the white can use bleach or hot soapy water. 4, ice and snow stains: with hot soapy water or calcium chloride cleaning. 5, staining, soil, dirt: the use of cleaning agents containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid wipe about 15 minutes, you can clean the stains. 6, oily stains: WPC floor cleaning In the event of stains, you can use a cleanser or hot soapy water for cleaning. 7, fruit juice and wine stains: the white dye and hot soapy water mixed with wipe. 8, ink stains: diluted mixed white dye and hot soapy water to wipe.

WPC floor manufacturer

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