Why WPC flooring installation keep the gap

WPC flooring installation

First, WPC flooring installation Clearance:

1) Because the plastic wood has a slight thermal expansion and contraction of the characteristics, plus taking into account the cleaning and other reasons, WPC flooring installation, edge and edge; end and end must be left between the appropriate gap. The gap between the reservation and the construction of the climate temperature is also closely related. 2) WPC flooring installation in the best time to install the profiles on the keel. According to the thickness of the profile (20MM-40MM) keel spacing generally between 400MM-500MM. 3) When the profile is installed with an angle between the keel, or installed in the bath inside the keel spacing should be reduced by at least 10 cm.

Second, railings, columns Installation gap:

1) when the mortise should also take into account the characteristics of plastic wood heat up and down, but also let it have room for flexible activities. 2) The column and the road surface installation can be embedded in the steel inside the concrete, the bottom of the steel plate and then embedded steel plate welding, or bolted. 3) When the total length of the railings is greater than 300 meters to consider when to build the deformation of the transition column. 4) railings of the pattern, the choice of profile specifications and the railing span is closely related.

Third, the installation of technology:

1, plastic wood can use ordinary woodworking machinery cutting, sawing, drilling, open tenon. 2, between the plastic and wood can be used to fasten the self-tapping screws (recommended outdoor use of stainless steel tapping screws); wood and steel to use self-drilling tapping screws. 3, wood and plastic wood between the use of self-tapping screws when the first hole should be fastened, that is, pre-drilling. Pre-drill diameter should be less than 3/4 of the screw diameter. 4, the installation of outdoor flooring, plastic wood profiles and each between the keel need to use a dedicated plastic fasteners or stainless steel fastener link.